RobSquad Birthday Blog Train

Happy Birthday Rob!!!

So the RobSquad decided on a more intimate venue for your birthday this year. I figure it will be easier to keep you hidden from paps and all the better to keep you to ourselves. I never have a problem with keeping you to my myself but it's only fair to share with the Squad on your special day. At least that's what I keep telling myself.

There's a ton of beer on ice just for your baby. 

Allow me to say a few words in your honor on behalf of the RobSquad.

Over the years as I look back I have often wandered what as drawn me to you
And here is a list a things I thought I had to mention
And I am sure that most of us gathered here tonight will have to agree with me about all these qualities:First of all you are a very hard worker and would do it all for others, you are a very considerate person..
And for that we love you so....
And there is also your patience that you have to give, even if sometimes you might not think so!
And for that we love you so....
There is also your sense of humour that made us laugh more that once...
And for that we love you so.....
You have great respect for the people around you.....
and for that we love you so...
Last but not least.......
If we could all talk I am sure that this is what we would all say:
 love you
We hope you have a great birthday full of blessings and great love......just as much as you give out......
May you always have a clean shirt, a clear conscience and enough coins in your pocket to buy a pint...on your birthday and every day!

Now, while I dry my eyes, you sit back and relax while the girls unwrap their gifts for you *wink*

Me first! 
*Shoves TT over*
I decided to indulge your love of all things that are vintage and include alcohol.

And I threw in a little something for your sweet tooth.

These are for you to take home of course but there are more by my bed if you just feel like you can't wait. They are right next to the handcuffs.
Just saying

A here is my birthday card to you beautiful boy

Don't get too comfortable, TT's here with the music and we expect to watch you strip...I mean dance, but you know, whatever.

TT...take it away...

Who can't help but smile at a clip from their favorite movie? Rob's favorite movie just happens to have one of my favorite 'puts me in a good mood' 80s songs in it. WIN! 

Oh how I'd love to watch this movie with Rob if he starts crooning along!

And because Rob always says that he wanted to be a rapper...
we thought we'd throw in a little old school rap. 

Our musical tribute and birthday wishes combined in one video!
Dear Rob, 
We love when you roam!

And while those closest to you will sing you the Happy Birthday song, we'll 
give you music to feed your soul for the upcoming year and remind you
that your fans support you and want to celebrate you! 
Don't let anyone step on your dreams! 

That was lovely TT
Next up, is our RobSquad sweetheart, Kelly. 
She baked your cake.

Lisa, who I hear is very good with balls. 
Just sayin' Rob.
She brought these awesome balloons just for you

You'll also notice these beautiful balloons in the banner our own DJ crafted with love in your honor.
Here it is again, in case you missed it.

She also brought you a got you a gift and sums it up nicely for us...

DJ: I scoured the web and found something that not only he could use, but it's something he may actually cherish...
I found a signed acoustic Van Morrison Guitar. May he play with content on something that belonged to one of his favorite musicians...

Number 27! I can't believe it. I wish you the same thing every year, and this year is no different... I wish you freedom from prying eyes. I wish you blessed events in your life. I wish you nothing but happiness in everything you do this year. Happy birthday, Rob! 

Did I forget anything?

No DJ, you didn't miss a thing...
Did she Rob?

One Shot Recc's

Get the Party Started by ArcadianMaggie - Edward wants a quiet celebration with his partner, but Jasper's planned a birthday surprise. AH Jasper/Edward, Slash, Rated M.

Tiny Blue Speedos by Mrsbeas - Edward notices that all of his teammates on the swim team are starting to go through puberty. So when is it finally going to be his turn?

Gay for Pay by EdwardsMate4ever -  Edward Masen is a straight guy working as a hustler, selling his body to men to pay the bills. His latest trick turns everything he thought he knew upside down...

The Tree House
 by Moirae - I tried to do handstands for you I tried to do headstands for you
Every time I fell on you, yeah every time I fell I tried to do handstands for you
But every time I fell for you I'm permanently black and blue
Permanently blue for you

Carousels and Wishing Wells by KellanCougar - A single passionate encounter with a beautiful stranger shines a stark light on Emmett’s existence, leaving him lost and alone in the days that follow. In despair, he reaches out to the wrong person to try to heal the hole in his soul.

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Going the Distance by Beautiful Figment - Lighthearted fun-poking of femme boys from pit bosses because haters gonna hate. It's brought on by jealousy, surely. Everything I learned about NASCAR came from Pixar's Cars and Gaterade commercials. And Google when I was feeling ambitious (read: I have no idea what I'm doing). Story contains strong language, sexual references of a deliciously gay nature, and loads of crack. 

Pain Management by Discordia - Edward Cullen has been suffering from chronic migraines for almost five months when he’s sent to Jasper Whitlock, massage therapist. Strict lines between them blur as Jasper attempts to help Edward manage his pain and find a little relief.

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